Vampy yellowbelly

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Song lyrics of the CD "Birds Of Plenty"

1) Fly in a jar
2) Save the best
3) The Ratcatcher’s Apprentice
4) Tack with the wind
5) Sickle and the saw
6) High
7) Celandine
8) Hijack a plane
9) Tell me if the Ocean’s Blue
10) Bowsprit home
11) That Ridge
12) Before you get there
13) Deadwood Bridge
14) Silver of the Mantezas
15) Half in Hope
16) Mountain Goat


Song lyrics of the CD "Left With The Skies"

1) Time Underground
2) Trim The Lamp
3) Hard On The Heels
4) Devil’s Horseman
5) Rise
6) Where The Kosava Blows
7) The Harbourmaster’s Daughter
8) Waiting For The Long Train
9) She Said To Say
10) Nothing
11) Feed The Crocodile
12) One Day The Ground Will Thaw
13) Trailblazer
14) When The Day’s Work Is Done

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