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Song lyrics of the CD "Birds Of Plenty"

1) Fly in a jar
2) Save the best
3) Ratcatcher's Apprentice
4) Tack with the wind
5) Sickle and the saw
6) High
7) Celandine
8) Hijack a plane
9) Tell me if the Ocean’s Blue
10) Bowsprit home
11) That Ridge
12) Before you get there
13) Deadwood bridge
14) Silver of the Mantezas
15) Half In Hope
16) Mountain Goat

Song lyrics of the CD "Left With The Skies"


Fly in a jar

Felled like a pine that has grown too far
Brought down to earth like a shooting star
We lost the manual for who we are
Trapped like a fly in a silver jar
Don’t blame the wasps because thy won’t blame you
They’re only doing what the wasps will do
Sting in the tail and the venom too
Trapped in the sun til the summer’s through

I don’t mind as long as you’re there
We’re inclined to states of disrepair
And that fly in the jar he was a billionaire

Charged by a lion you should stand your ground
If you’re the only biped there for miles around
Forget about Instagram don’t make no sound
Trapped on a world that is way too round
Here comes the loa loa worm through your eye
That’s really all they want to do and they don’t know why
symptoms are fatigue and itching then you die
God says you’re trapped go forth and multiply

Elephants are grieving by the water hole
the Crocodiles are cruel man they got no soul
their Keith Richards smiles they think they’re rock and they’re roll
Trapped in a crowd when there’s no crowd control
Scare away the birdies coz they eat the corn
Thank you say the insects as they start to swarm
30 million starve and the mothers mourn
Trapped in a game where you’re just the pawn


Save the best

I been south and I been west
They televise the sunrise but I Save the best
I been here all along
I decode every road That I been on

I set sail for seven seas
And I dropped anchor at the Slightest breeze
Turned my hand to shape the sun
Released the Birds of Plenty but I held my tongue
Stole the show shared the spoils
Is that a ring or just the serpent’s coils

I was sleeping on the job I would flatter to deceive
I was the mainstay of the plot the prosecution had to weave
If you needed a conviction someone blind to take the fall
There’s a way up through the Briars
If you will bear the pall

Soldiered on, the bitter end
Barricades abandoned, nothing to defend
Bore the brunt, took the knocks
It’s not the fall that kills you it’s the sudden stop
I been south and I been west
They televise the sunrise but I Save the best


The Ratcatcher’s Apprentice

Build a copper tower and idolize the light
The Ratcatcher’s apprentice has slipped into the night
Go down into the cellar and there drink of the dark
The woodpecker will prise away the tree from the bark

I’ve 5 lame dogs and I’ve one deaf mute
I ve got the data but it don’t compute
The ratcatcher’s apprentice he’s got work To Do
For the children of Hamlyn and for you

Born and bred to fetters hidebound by the sight
Of contraband exchanging hands the wrongs that make a right
If terminal velocity should take your tower down
You can always earn as crust by turning witness for the crown

When the will and the fist join the thief of time
The whisper in the bones the truth that keeps you waiting
Maybe you’ll grow wings on your way down

And what if your copper tower should shake and should fall
Your backup files are empty of a heart to reinstall
Or if your copper Tower’s 4 ways in and no ways out
The faithful crack the whip over those all wracked with doubt


Tack with the wind

Patch up my sails with that dress that you ripped
on the old rusty ladder Down by the quayside
Fix up my keel with a plank from the bench when the sky was our friend
And the world was wide
Plug all the gaps in my leaky hull
My rigging must weather a storm
We’ll spend one more night with the gulls and the shingle
And I’ll tack with the wind in the dawn

Fill up my hold up with old beaten copper
and pygmies from china and yarns that I’ve spun
Far fetched and all true
Shanghai me a crew who will follow me blind
where the map gives no quarter in the brass monkey weather
Where I’ll still look for you
Scrape all the barnacles off from my hull
My rigging must weather a storm
We’ll spend one more night with the gulls and the shingle
And I’ll tack with the wind in the dawn

swear me an oath though we don’t have a bible
you’ll keep all my secrets when I run aground
don’t stand on the shore just turn and go lightly
for as the crow flies so the clock it is wound
scuttle my hopes for I’m dead in the water
My rigging must weather a storm
We’ll spend one more night with the gulls and the shingle
And I’ll tack with the wind in the dawn


Sickle and the saw

Cut down deep to find the marrow in the bone
Squeeze real hard you’ll find there’s blood inside the stone
And money in the church roof when the father’s not at home
And there’s gold in the sickle and the saw
Skin the cream and throw the milk away
Pay in peanuts and its monkeys all the way
While your menials in overalls find needles in the hay
And there’s gold in the sickle and the saw
Drain the swamp for all the gators care
Feed on truth well-done medium or rare
Always outperform you with that cold reptilian stare
& there’s gold in the sickle & the saw

As you fade away at the top of the hill
Throwing in the towel becomes a marketable skill
The days are full of numbers and the nights bring on the chill
And there’s gold in the sickle and the saw

Turn the screw until the timbers squeal
The show’s a sham but the showman’s real
Packages are empty but the brand appeal
And there’s gold in the sickle and the saw
sell the lease before the roof caves in
Read up on the weights of silver nickel rocks and tin
Bet your bottom dollar that the house will always win
Working for the sickle & the saw

Roll the stone and watch the woodlice scram
Board the boats in droves make off for New Amsterdam
Your little legs can’t do the job but blind ambition can
You can’t run from the sickle and the saw
Brave a raft of rubber or the whip inside the home
God plants seeds but the devil sows the stones
Everyone’s a winner and the prizes are the loans
No rest from the sickle and the saw



Fish in the cock pit of a B52
salvaged the propellers they were rusted through
seams of silver that we left in the ground
while we choke on plastic and it’s smiles all round

Build your aspirations build ‘em windturbine high
Watch em as they turn as they blot out the sky
Longshore drift (‘ll) blow the bones up the beach
Medusa’s on a roll she’s got a long long reach

Where do I hold my head do I hold it high hold it high
When I meet my maker do I look him in the eye look him in the eye

Lizard wave his little legs as much as he can
Extinction it beckons from the sky little man
Wipe that Triassic species smile off your face
Me I’m the undisputed winner of the long arms race

won ultimate freedom of infinite choice
and I choose a shackle with a small thin voice
to pitch my delivery and polish my style
and underneath it all there’s that Triassic smile

Are the fish complicit in the chain of the sea
Are the targets moving much too close to me
Attention deficit will concentrate minds
My cognitive delusions are all live online



A hayrick by the river a kite up on the rise
Kapella and the pipistrelle pirouette just for the skies
Comparisons with angels all lost upon the mean
Me I’ll beat the sun just me and celandine

Precarious the willow, hedgerow and the shore
None to let it slip what you’re down here for
Strike a light and show me a dry and dusty scene
The gate is always open for me and celandine

I’ll swallow the ocean of all I’ve said and done
Of time that is past or passing or to come
Wanting Bilberry and flaxweed
And flowers that are sung
Me and celandine, we’ll walk beneath the sun

Banished to the battlements with only love and war
Guns to sheer the mountains for settling old scores
Ragged robin and valerian I know where I’ve been
Come with me cos there’s a place for us and celandine


Hijack a plane

We’re gonna hijack a plane we’re gonna bring it down
Not gonna land on a runway not gonna land on a map
We’re gonna hijack a plane we’re not bringing it back
We’re gonna ransom the crew we’re gonna make em sweat
Coz we wanna be you not necessarily rich
Don’t call a choice a choice when there’s a hitch

Not born with a silver spoon a knife or a fork
We knew we were losing before we knew how to talk
We’re gonna hijack a plane we’re gonna bring it down

We’ll be taking the ship and all the stuff in the hold
Can’t afford virtue when you’re hungry and cold
At the end of a chain you tend to do what you’re told
and his family love him it looks bad if he dies
we’ve done some research know what the captain is worth
it’s not stamped in your passport it’s stamped on you at birth


Tell me if the Ocean’s Blue

Smoking gun deep in the bedrock sleeping dogs they never lie
Smell a rat from half a mile and leave the passers by
What you break you pay for but the cheque’s a little late
And if the fish won’t bite well then it’s time to change the bait

Can you tell the pinprick from the needle, enchantment from the curse
Any fool can read your fortune any ghost can drive a hearse
saying send charts and a compass and you left like people do
and tell me if the ocean’s blue

I’m a hit in Remouchamps lips the best place for a scar
No-one winds up by accident down in Les Trous de Bra
So I left without Orion and the wind picked up the tune
The owl comes out at night because his only fiend’s the moon

Can you tell decay from diamonds, the bad from what is worse
Any fool can read your fortune any corpse can drive a hearse
You learnt the lines by heart and played the oldest scene anew
And she said tell me if the ocean’s blue

Belief’s a worthless currency it never pays the bills
Credit where it’s due I want the baubles and the frills
The rooks won’t drink the water there in Deadwoman’s Ditch
No gallows on the map because the hangman struck it rich

Slept underneath a sunflower, a murmur through the dark
Of the shadows time has carved inside the craters of the heart
Paced a hill in winter hidden deep inside the pack
And I never once looked back x 3


Bowsprit home

Stir the grass on a black night
A long hot day of disenchantment
And the winds of 8 directions
Bring me charity and a prayer

See all my sons at play
Hear my daughters laugh and moan
There’s a ship long cast adrift
In all your wayward hair

And I sing a song With the wind in my face
Carry a cargo That’s yours to replace
Steer me a course set it in stone
Where is my bowsprit home

Is the keenest air in heaven?
And the sharpest minds aspire
to overcome the sky
and the gentle sound of rain

when the eastwind runs the west
young men lay claim to fortune
yet I will not be daunted
by the standards you have set

speak not of moderation
I blow straight from the sea
Do not doubt the wordws so fleet upon wind
do not doubt me


That Ridge

Beyond that ridge there’s a myth lived still
Free of half-life embers and the graveyard chill
Over the escarpment there’s a light so charmed
Notes poured pealed down on a land becalmed

Don’t look for me cos I’ll be gone
For a cloud in passing a wild raven’s song
Don’t look for me cos I’ll be gone
For the salmon falling where the root is strong

Far from the soothsayers with empty eyes
(In the) half light grey another long day dies
Cross the fell to find a furnace rage
At the fallow questions on the gilded stage

Spurn the highway the defendant’s plea
Obtuse to charnel house reality
Things I love are things I cannot see today

Take a turn with all your joys and cares
If daylight comes upon you unawares
Thank the helmsman when you’re safe on shore
The crossing’s hard but that’s what hardship’s for


Before you get there

I hitched my wagon to solferino
Put my head in the lair of the bear
But I’m not cut from the stuff of heroes
And I’ll be gone before you get there

I plied my trade at Chatanooga
At Paschandale I did despair
With my Gattling gun and Luger
But I’ll be gone before you get there

I saw the sun rise at Isandwala
Had to shield my eyes from the glare
For the sunrise is not a given thing
And I’ll be gone before we get there

I raised the standard at Borodino
Fought with a courage beyond compare
Now that valour become a freak show
And I’ll be gone before we get there

I wrote my name at Carthage in the dust
I know the words to every prayer
One day those blades and barrels they will rust away
But I’ll be gone before we get there


Deadwood bridge

Meet me by the station at the deadwood bridge
Bring a piece of everything you’ve been
A star that guides a thousand periled sailors home
Just so they can all drown in their dreams
Meet me at the cloudburst by the deadwood bridge
An eye out for the place to say goodbye
Held you in a backwater you tied my hands
You said all the better for to fly

You won’t have to cover for me
When I’m gone the price that vice will pay
For virtue’s only child
Will hold her ground and not be swayed

Meet me where the maple shades the deadwood bridge
Stay until you see the dying sun
Should I lick the wounds or push the splinters in
And taste the barbs that I’ve sown upon your tongue
Meet me where the pondweed fills the deadwood bridge
Butcher birds will take it all apart
Sky holds too much light and the time to go
With the feathers you have placed inside my heart


Silver of the Mantezas

There’s one law for the wicked and one law for the rest of us
Rivets rust the sky comes loose and claims the very best of us    hala
There’s one law for the cunning and one law for the meek of heart
Spirits sink blood runs cold the wind will tear the weak apart    hala

Deep beneath the turmoil of the waves she rises
Deep beneath the turmoil of the waves she rises    hala

There’s one rule for the tiger and one rule for the tiger’s skin
In the jungle of the hungry his claw upon the monkey din    hala
There’s one rule for the heedless one for the attentive child
Tendering the future slain all things uncouth and wild    hala
and all the silver of the Mantezas will not bring my children back

There’s one road for desertion one for those that stay the course
We’ll strip the fields of barley and when we’re done we’ll eat the horse    hala
There’s one road to the palace and one down to the sullen seas
Where ships over the skyline drown their crews remorselessly    hala


Half in hope

Hung around the linden tree half in hope you’d come
Cut a switch at the old wharf wall half in hope you’d come
Peddled time where the hogweed bloomed half in hope you’d come

Looked for you when the jackdaw flew she said be on your way
Penned a tune as the west wind blew it said be on your way
Sat outside til twilight knew that I was on my way

It ain’t miles and miles or the roses on the hill
Not the shadows lengthening as shadows always will

Kicked my heels when the blood moon grew half in hope you’d come
Never left when dust was due half in hope you’d come
Stuck around like people do half in hope you’d come


Mountain Goat

I’ve got the rage I’ve got the heart
I’ve got the tools I’ll take the whole damn sky apart
I’ll shake my beard at god on his throne
It must be so very lonely all on his own
Your tears will stain the mountain side but I will not be moved
I find the little places I’ve got cloven hooves

I’m going to stay on the mountainside
I’m going to live me in hope
The sheep will all come down when the snow falls Hard
But not this old mountain goat
but not this old mountain goat

Tell me the stars sing me the rain
the granite will age me but my heart it will remain
The poets will whimper and the bards they will sing
Of the horns of their dilemmas and all your broken things
Leave path for the highway leave the rocks for the few
Leave the heights to be scaled by the love that I bear you

Trace me the peaks Drench me the day
Not brave a step above the treeline nor kiss my grace away
Defy the hours mock city walls
Curse my luck at nightfall when the ghosts come out to call
When the proud heart is over all that’s left is blood and stone
Wear my beggar’s cape and hat and call the world my own


Song lyrics of the CD "Left With The Skies"

1) Time Underground
2) Trim the Lamp
3) Hard on the Heels
4) Devil's Horseman
5) Rise
6) Where the Kosava Blows
7) Harbourmaster's Daughter
8) Waiting for the Long Train
9) She said to say
10) Nothing
11) Feed the Crocodile
12) One Day the Ground will Thaw
13) Trailblazer
14) When the Day's Work is Done


Time Underground

Time underground there’s a hole in the map
And the mischiefs of men
We’ll moult one last time serenade you til then

Time underground I can’t hear myself speak
The trees are enraged
The soil it erupts and the sky is upstaged
Time underground

Time underground underground time underground

Time underground in burrows and holes
Biding our time
The world it revolves with victimless crime

Time underground underground time underground

Time underground put the cat in the wall
With a rat in its jaw
The bolts are all thrown but they come through the floor

Time underground Tithonus is ours
It’s Death you can cheat
When the rules of the game are declared obsolete
Time underground


Trim The Lamp

You’ve come too far to turn now
That ancient dust lies easily
You’ll hear the footfall on the mat again
One day
You’ll trim the lamp you set out for the sea

You’ll rise at midnight hold back the dawn
To keep a watch upon the quay
You name the east wind I’ll blow with the west
One day
We’ll trim the lamp we set out for the sea

I know every stone
Every storm petrel at sea
One day
You’ll trim the lamp that you set out for me


Hard On The Heels

Hard on the heels of the flood comes the rain
Just when you got the wheels out of the rut again
Take a tip from Sisyphus, he knows that life’s in vain
Hard on the heels of the flood comes the rain

When I was just a young boy my papa told me son
Time is the enemy one day your race is run
When you get to my age think of this song i sung
But don’t be looking back on all the stupid things you’ve done

When I was just a young man I saw things on TV
I did not think were possible in 1983
People dying of hunger we could have fed easily
You think the sea wall’s safe because you have not seen the sea

Hard on the heels of the flood comes the rain
Just when you got your head out of the sand again
Don’t stand around with Tantalus no gravy in the train
Hard on the heels of the flood comes the rain

Buy a cheap umbrella and it will not last the day
Damn the Yangtze River Drown the bears in Hudson Bay
Go out enjoy the sunshine in the merry month of may
But I just spoke to Noah and you know what’s on the way

Hard on the heels of the flood comes the rain
Just when you got your name out of the mud again
Don’t dine with Phinaeus find your own ball your own chain
Hard on the heels of the flood comes the rain

Creepy crawly weird things slither cross the ocean floor
Got no long term memory but they’ve all been here before
No use trying to stop them, no recourse to the law
All waiting for the day when the heavens start to pour


Devil’s Horseman

Pick me up in gallows end i’m traveling light
You’ll never see the driver’s face or out in the night
Cross my palm with silver and my teeth are gold
>From a blacksmith down in BabiYar or so I’m told
Drop me off in Stanley where the road sign’s broke
Never trust a wishbone, they’ll make you choke
Don’t hang around the crossroads when the sun goes down
Folks always leave their trash out on the edge of town

There’s somethings that you’ll never cook
With hemlock and a saucepan
And there’s someplaces you’ll never go
‘less you pay the devil’s horseman the devil’s horseman

Don’t tell the other passengers I’m boarding here
Don’t hang around the gaslight when the shadows turn
Coz I can teach a lesson that the bairns don’t learn
Look away and watch the stars and count your rosary
Ride throughout the night until you reach the sea
As I fade into the moonlight pull the shutters fast
The road you could have once turned off is long since past

There’s somethings that you’ll never cook
With snakeweed and a saucepan
And there’s someplaces you’ll never go
‘less you pay the devil’s horseman the devil’s horseman

Watch me disappear into the sawtooth hills
Fret about your leaders and pay your bills
Make haste over the pass while your trail is young
Never meet a stranger’s eye and hold your tongue
If you see another day and hear the rooster crow
Feed the pig and buy a cow and watch the children grow
Pick me up in gallow’s end I’m travelling light
Never see the driver’s face or out in the night

There’s somethings that you’ll never cook
With wolfsbane and a saucepan
And there’s someplaces you’ll never go
‘less you pay the devil’s horseman the devil’s horseman



Tell it like it is on the 4th of never
Furrow up your brow and spin straw to gold
If god cursed the land he’d curse the land forever
Who needs a sinner back in the fold

And I’m going to rise with you in the morning
And I’m going to rise with you in cold

How hard they try to leave with the swallows
How hard the moon tries to get you to stay
The rose falls from my mouth the indiscretion that follows
I’ll be there at the death as clouds and deserts decay

At 3 in the morning your blind spots will find you
The wind will remember the key of your sigh
The path never taken is there to remind you
I came for the sun but I left with the sky


Where The Kosava Blows

Retracing my steps neath contessa del vento
I’ve a work too hard for the teeth of time
The chariot leaves when it’s full of marmelo
Looking for a language where everything rhymes

Holed up for days til the khamsim dropped
In a cracked shieling and we hunkered down
Sky froze so hard that the air it locked
I only sleep well on the cold hard ground

And I packed up my things to go where the Kosava blows

Told all my plans to a wireline driller
What you can’t learn is always on the hoof
Don’t cross the floes when the sun’s still up
And take down the weather vane on the roof

There’s a reaver’s blade and a settlers law
Persephone’s back here again
Storms always leave fresh meat on the shore
A pail by the door full of yesterday’s rain

You won’t find traction on a toad’s eye tin
I bought these charts from a slipstream girl
Promised me haven in St Kilda
For a jasmine crown and a Foulness pearl

Paid off the crew in Samarinda
Burnt my tent on the Veszprém flats
Shot all the dogs when the food was through
So now it’s just me and the wind at my back


The Harbourmaster’s Daughter

I lost my heart to a harbourmaster’s daughter
Who said she’d keep herself safe from the Barbary Corsairs
So I signed up for 3 years on the water
And when I came home she was long long gone
The innkeeper said that we were raided once again
And the harbourmaster’s daughter well she’s taken or she’s slain
So I stowed away with a sabre and a musket
In a barrel on a sloop bound for Tunis I was gone

The powder monkey found me and the crew they hauled me out
They were all afeared of the Barbary Corsairs
And when my tale was done the captain gave a shout
Promised me his cannons, ship and crew to track her down
so we put into Tunis, laid out florins for a guide
Who saw which men had veracity and which told barefaced lies
We greased a lot of palms and the alleys all were blind
A ragged beggar let it slip that my love was alive

At night we stormed the palace and we overcame the guards
The eunuchs in the harem of the Barbary Corsairs
But that lass was not among them and so hungry lost and scarred
We turned tail and fled not knowing where next to turn
Then a voice called out to me and stopped me in my tracks
Sayingyou knew I’d keep myself safe until my man came back
But the hard unrelenting life that is a harbourmaster’s daughters
Cannot brook comparison with marauding on the waves

So I became the husband of the harbourmaster’s daughter
Joined the thieving and the plunder of the Barbary Corsairs
Silver wine and grain the merchants sailed across the water
We stole them all with pleasure and we lived a life that knew no care
Until the day that English frigate blew our ship to smithereens
Clamped us both in irons and now I tell you what it means
To win the hand and the heart (and all the other desirable physical attributes)
Of the harbourmasters daughter
Who’ll hang with me together at the rising of the sun


Waiting For The Long Train

Thorn trees pleading with the sky
Lightening don’t strike it passes by
Fugitive don’t struggle any more
Why scale the wall when you can walk out the door

I may have the patience of a saint
But a guide to the promised land I aint
Though we know that all roads lead to Rome
Stabbing Ceaser’s something we’ve outgrown

And I’m waiting and I’m waiting and I’m waiting for that long train to pass

Little do I know what’s on your mind
Feel like I’m a passenger left behind
Covering my tracks up all with sand
So the devil cannot find me and my idle hands

I always left well enough alone
I fit my corner like a socket fit a bone
Had my fill and never wanted more than this

Time to lose that helicopter day
Amputated memory hold sway
Scan the skies and let the raptors be
Wait up on the platform here with me


She Said To Say

Got the world to ride upon got my hardened features on
Would you put out the cyclops’ eye the kind of soul on whom the gods rely

You don’t have to say a word
Coz although your speech is clear my mind is slurred

She said to say you think I’d know that repartee by now
She said to say got you battened down boy got you filed away

Left my brainchild in the rain took her in she weren’t the same
Cut my cloth like everyone cut my words to suit my tongue

That’s the ebb tide there’s the ceiling stars up in the sky freewheeling
Floatin voters learn to swim politicians reel them in
Glitterati come and go learnin curve is way too low
There’s the rip tide there’s the ceiling
Excuse me while i let this feeling go

Cut myself right down to size tried the truth and i’ve tried lies
And on my tongue they sound the same guess that all that running made me lame



There’s no fattened calf when i come home
No fire in the hearth, there’s no money to burn
The hills are not painted in auburn and gold
And nothing’s as fine as I’m told

They don’t hang out the bunting just for me
The sunset’s the same as all of the sunset’s I’ve seen
The chapel closed down congregation forgot how to pray
And nothing’s as fine as they say

I’m no prodigal son nobody care what I’ve done
Those dragon’s I’ve tamed or those cities I’ve names
They all think I’ve been on the run

Your days are all numbered in TV and ghosts
And squabbles break out over who gets to argue the most
My dreams were convicted now they’ve all been released on parole
And nothing’s as fine as I’m told


Feed The Crocodile

A pound of meat a pound of lamb I quarry stones out of the dam
Enthusiastic for a life boy it’s infectious
Get your hands caught in the till you’d best be ambidextrous
Or nimble boy at best
A pound of Fleisch a pound of beef a tube a day to clean the teeth
No trace of tooth decay don’t radiate remorse
Blinkers tunnel vision or flogging any horse alive or dead Alive or dead

I fed the crocodile so he’ll eat me last
I learnt my lessons from my blood-stained past
I keep my distance baby thoughts to myself
I’ll be the last thing that he finds on the shelf
I look after that crocodile and I look after myself

A piece of dog a piece of cat they’ll feed you this they’ll feed you that
We’re not really choosy who we pick up off the plate
Feed off high and mighty or beggars at the gate Or anybody there
Eye of newt and tongue of bat sleight of hand magician’s hat
Can’t breathe in the moral high ground the oxygen is thin
Now you need a reference just to be let in
So you stay down in the swamp with the mosquitoes and the hookworms
And the things that creep and crawl

I fed the crocodile so he’ll eat me last I am untouchable the non get eaten caste
I keep my distance baby thoughts to myself I’ll be the last thing that he finds on the shelf
I look after that crocodile and I look after myself


One Day The Ground Will Thaw

Throw the lions to the Christians Put the Henker in the dock
Poison our friends the bees Take the hands off all the clocks
Put the sheep inside wolves clothing Let the treacle run
When I meet my maker I will boast of what I’ve done
One day the ground will thaw One day the ground will thaw

Kill the King when he is sleeping Put a zero on the bill
The world’s as full of sorrow As the ocean’s full of krill
Lock the maiden in the tower And claim you never knew
That the seeds of your destruction were all in the plants you grew

When the dogs have had the rooster and the cold has had the crow
Slip a silver to the gaoler free the inmates on death row
When the fox finds he’s the fleeter and the whale’s the harpooner
For all your pretty pennies there’ll be no way out of here

Losing all the food parcels
Throwing finless creatures back
Dungeon key’s been found go dust off all the racks
Pluck the bristles from a pig steal the bucket from the well
They’re ploughing up the ground in the places soldiers fell

Run the urchins ragged sap the juice from all the wells
Beguiling the weak-minded til I run out of my spells
They’ll come out of the woodwork now the litmus test is in
The devil never fails to pay the wages for the sin



Fall out with the phone unplug your friends
Lose the connection between the means and the ends
Sever the ties between the fair and the foul
The pussycat’s filed for divorce from the owl

Someone’s blazing a trail for me out of here tonight

Unchain the monkeys take the paint off the clowns
Say your goodbyes to the ups and the downs
When the ringside is empty and the cages are bare
I never got that joke that we shared

Someone’s blazing a trail for me out of here tonight
Somone building a thoroughfare just for me tonight

Now the king has retired and the jester’s in charge
The jabberwock and his friends are roaming at large
I keep my head in the cumulous clouds
Coz me and the larks well we can’t stand the crowds

Are you coming too Are you coming too


When The Day’s Work Is Done

It’s an empty road home won’t you meet me at the station Juliet
With that smile that you told me was all mine
I’ve been away the world’s as crooked as it’s round Juliet
I need that smile that you told me was all mine

Don’t try to part the clouds anymore
Only the blind stare at the sun
We were raised in the darkness and if our prayers are heard
Then they’re heard when the days work is done

Spring will blow me home used my bootlaces for something I forget
I never thought those bootlaces were mine
It’s a devil of a job to know the currency in which you hold the debt
I never really thought those debts were mine

I’m coming back for my wings coz I haven’t used them yet
Sky said she hadn’t found the time
Those stars look like home I’ve been as far away as any soul could get
And I never met no-one who had the time

Nothing but holes in my pockets and I’ll be off the train before the sun has set
The wind has proved me wrong in every town
And looking like the furniture and songs sung in the slow key of regret
But I’ve kept all the rain that I have found

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